11 Killer Tricks to Rank Your Blog Post Very Quickly and Easily

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Hello Everyone, Today I want to say some awesome techniques to rank your blog post super easily and Quickly. We all write content on spending lots of time with proper research and hard work but after publishing article, it will show you on 40-50 position. You can find your position by search engine position checker. This will give very bad experience to all the bloggers because at the time 0f publishing the blog post, They will publish their blog post with good expectation but appearing their position in between 40-50 really hurts the person. So by following the below techniques you can easily index your blog or blog post quickly

How to rank blog popst quickly

1. Submit Your site to Google Search Console

First of all, if you want to index your blog post quickly means you have to give your site details to google that your site is something and you’re the owner of the site. You have to explain everything about your site in the perfect manner then google robot will understand the main aspect and it will show you in that category. For that, you have to register your site in Google search Console or Webmaster tools.

How to register your site in Google Webmaster Tools

Follow the below steps to register your site in the Google search console.

  • Step 1: Go to the given link and Sign UpHow to Rank Blog Post Quickly
  • Step 2: Submit your website address in the given box
    Rank Blog post quickly
  • Step 3: Verify your domain by following the below steps
    how to rank blog post quickly rank blog post
  • Step 4: Go to Crawl and Sitemaps in the Crawl and Submit your Sitemap.
    submit sitemap in google webmaster tools
  • Step 5: Enter the URL of your blog’s sitemap in the given empty field.
    sitemap url submission in google webmaster tools


2. Install Yoast SEO

This is the most recommended plugin for all bloggers who are using WordPress platform. It will help a lot for bloggers and most for starters. Those who doesn’t know how to set up SEO then they must install this plugin. It will take all our details and sends the information to search console and robots. It will also give sitemaps and robots.txt modification to users. If you don’t have Yoast SEO plugin then install it quickly. Follow the below video{Guide} to set up Yoast SEO.

3. Use High-Quality Content

This is routine 🙁 but you have to follow this If your content is not good/attractive then users doesn’t like to read. If it interesting then the user or visitor duration time increases then automatically your position increases. If you want to index your blog post quickly then your content must be of high quality. In the present situation, we need very High Quality. The content which will be having more length will have very higher chances to index and display on top.

Tip: Use Grammarly for generating very high quality content.

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4. Use Catchy Titles

Use catchy titles to your Blog post so that visitors can attract to your post even it was in the last position. Using of unique and catchy titles can increase your CTR. In recent google has updated the algorithm. It will not only check the number of backlinks and the quality of content along with that it will also check the CTR and the attractiveness. There is lots of difference between the titles of Make Money Online and 5 Proven ways to Make Money Online. Most of the visitors will go the proven ways because it is more catchy to them. If you got more clicks for the blog even it was in the backward position then it will automatically go up.

I have experienced this for one of my blog posts. When I wrote simply title it was in the 17th position after that I experimented with another title then it switched to a 21st position at starting but later on it was shown in the 6th position. Because I’ve got more clicks to that title so google started pulling my blog post to the first page.

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5. Improve Your Blog Speed

In present speed is the most important factor. Visitors will hesitate if your blog or website takes the time to load they quit your blog and moves to another one. Google will consider this as the main aspect.

So check the loading time and increase the speed of the loading time by compressing the pages and images. By using Cache Plugins like WP SuperCache and W3 Total Cache. You can also connect your blog to AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) to reduce the speed.

You can also connect your website to CDN platform which is free to use that can improve your site speed and it can also help from hackers.

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6. Connect Each Post of your Blog by Proper Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the brain of your blog. Interlink the blog with the every post so that the juice can flow to every post and it will definitely show the good results. Link A=B=C=A Every related post should be interlinked properly with proper Anchor Text.


7. Use the below words to Index Faster and Higher

By using these words in your title you can improve your chances of higher rankings sometimes even in 1st position.

  • Easy
  • Works Quickly
  • Guide
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Today
  • Fast
  • Step by Step
  • Right Now

8. Write Guest Posts

image source: Guest Post Tracker

Write Guest Post to interact, readers, You can also earn backlinks from that blog So that your content may reach to more people. It is the best way to start your blog to reach initial boost.

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9. Generate Some High-Quality Backlinks

get unlimited backlinks

Backlinks are like votes. If you got a good number of backlinks with good DA and PA then your SERP rankings will also change to a better position. So grab the good number of backlinks to your blogs. Treat the backlinks like votes check the power of votes by DA and PA.

Google Indexing bot follows it and lands on your Blog Post when you get a Do follow link from other Webpages. When a particular Blog post gets external links from other Webpages, Google loves it.

In order to do this, you can join some forum and let the community know that you are sharing something vital which suits their need. Moreover, you can write Guest Post to gain Do Follow External Links to your Blog Post. To write some guest posts you can contact some Blog Administrators in your niche and convince them by showing some samples your Writing Skill.

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Try to increase the number of referring domains in the backlinks. Backlinks from the individual domains will have more authority.

10. Fill the Alt Text and Description of the Images Completely

Fill all the images with the detailed information. Alt Text, Name, and Description correctly.


11. Give some outgoing backlinks which are related to the post

Give some outgoing links to the high authority blog or main web page whose the blog post refers to or Suggest some websites if that is not available on your blog.


12. Make a Youtube Video and place the video in your Blog post

Image Source: YouTube

Make a Video about your article and publish the video to the Youtube and copy that video in the blog post this will increase the active time of the visitor. If the time is more then the rankings will increase:).

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13. Social Shares

Increase Social shares of your blog on sharing it with popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Stumble Upon etc.

Thanks for everyone who listened to my words patiently. Follow all the above steps to rank your blog post. Thanks Once Again. Happy Blogging Folks!!

11 Killer Tricks to Rank Your Blog Post Very Quickly and Easily
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