How to make Niche or Money Blog within 9 Days

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Hello! Readers today I’m going to teach you about Niche Blog and how to earn from Niche Blog. Everyone wants to make money with their blogs but to make it quick the best source that we have is Niche or Event Blog. You can make lots of money by Niche Blogs, but for that, you have to follow the simple steps. By following these steps, you can make it possible to a one-week minimum and 15 days maximum. The process of making a Niche Blog was easy but to make it brighter on Google Search it mean to appear on the top position we have to work hard.

Steps to make Niche or Money Blogging:

  • Step 1: Select the Niche topic with weak competition. Example: Christmas
  • Step 2: Select targeted keywords from your Niche by using Google Keyword Planner. ¬†Example: Your Keyword was Merry Christmas Wishes
  • Step 3: Select the Domain from the targeted Keywords. Example: Suppose your selected keyword was Merry Christmas Wishes than your domain must look like or The keyword should include in the domain in any manner.
  • Step 4: Register the domain with Blogger or WordPress(According to me WordPress was best due to better customizations and SEO.
  • Step 5: Customize your site neatly and Fill with Very High-Quality Content. Because we will have less time for Google to consider faster, we need to Customize and write High-quality content with more words (min-500 words).
  • Step 6: After completing all the above steps start doing backlinks before seven days of the event and keep sitewide links not more than 2.

Note: Don’t repeat the Anchor Text of your selected keyword. Use Click here and read more instead of that

What are the Advantages of Niche or Event Blogging

  1. you can save lots of money
  2. The money that you will get from Niche Blog was very within a short time when compared to long term or any other blog.
  3. It can be made by Less Investment too.

Disadvantages of Niche Blogging

  • The primary¬†disadvantages of Niche Blog were Google Penalty. Google Penalty can hit our site at any time because the techniques that we are using in Niche blogging was Black Hat SEO. When suddenly our blog affected by Google Penalty, the efforts and work which we were done will flow on the Ocean.

Also Read: How We Lost Our Rankings for Event Blog due to Link Building.

  • A secondary disadvantage of Niche Blogging was competition. Niche Blogging was a secret which wasn’t known to anybody but knows the secret revealed due to quick money everyone giving first preference to niche blogging.

How to do Backlinks for Niche or Event Blog:

  • Select a proper keyword of your real niche.
  • Build some high-quality backlinks for that keyword as anchor text.
  • <a href=”link”>Anchor Text</a>
  • Build some links to your homepage directly.
  • Use Openlinkprofiler for backlinks.
  • Keep some sitewide links for your site not more than two.

Things to be kept in mind while doing Niche blogging:

  • Your selected keyword should have minimum decent traffic.
  • As I already said your should have less competition.

Example: If you want to keep niche for tech there are so many sites for tech, and If it were a festival or movie there would be less competition.

  • Always check Google webmaster tools for the penalty in the messages.
  • Don’t keep more sitewide links this may results you to Google penalty. For more: Losses of Sitewide links for Niche Blog.
  • Don’t repeat the Anchor text while doing backlinks.
  • Check Your SERP Rankings Everyday
  • Always try to keep larger space for hosting. Sometimes it may fail due to hosting and Server down.
  • Use SEO by Yoast if you are using WordPress.

Final Words:

Google Search Engine was updated so check your steps and do it efficiently. Be prepared for the Penalty while doing Niche Blog. If you want to learn about Niche Blog then comment on the comment session, or you can also keep in touch with me

How to make Niche or Money Blog within 9 Days
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