How to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly and Advantages of Alexa Rank {Guide}

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Alexa was not important for search rankings, traffic, and rankings but coming to Branding and Direct Advertisements Alexa rank will play a significant role. But you don’t need to check your rankings every day because it was not important for traffic if your traffic increases mean it will automatically increase. So instead of that, you have to concentrate mainly on Search rankings and Position in Google. In this Article, I will cover all the topics about Alexa Rank, What is Alexa Ranking, How to Increase Alexa Rank quickly and What are the uses and benefits of Alexa Ranking.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is about to express your blog branding. It will rank your website by comparing with other sites based on the traffic and Social media promotion of your site. Alexa Ranking is an Informative system which was introduced in 1996 later Amazon in 1999 occupied it. The primary role of this to give information of traffic and global rankings. You can refer here for more information

What are the Uses, Benefits, and Advantages of Alexa Ranking

Everybody wants to rank their website on top. If you increase your rank means then automatically your branding will increase. There are many uses of Alexa Rank which we don’t know.
The below are the Use and Advantages of Alexa Ranking

  1. The Chances of showing your Branding was high.
    Everyone who visited your website will mostly look for the site design, but some known persons will only check Alexa rank first by the Alexa ranking they can estimate traffic and metrics.
  2. Alexa Rank will give you good User Trust.
    If you wrote a post or solution for the problem that may be anything and some visitor visited your blog, then he will check your Alexa rank If it was high then he refuses and goes to another.
  3. You will get Direct Advertisements by having good Alexa Ranking.
    Most of the Advertisers will prefer for good ranking websites, and the payment of the advertisements was very high. If you are good at Alexa rank, then you can publish in social media for direct ads.

How to Increase Alexa Rank {Best Tips}

There are many factors you have to consider for increasing your Rank.The below steps will show you how to increase your Alexa rank.

  1. Increase Your Traffic of your website
  2. Write the content about Technology or The Web that will show a massive change in Alexa rank due to webmasters traffic.
  3. Always check your Alexa Rank:
    Regular checking of Alexa rank will increase your traffic, but the number is small.
  4. Write about Alexa rank like reviews, information, etc.
    Alexa reviews and informative posts that will boost your Alexa rank.
  5. Update your site with minimum two posts per day:
    Regular updating of posts will increase the chances to improve Alexa ranking and rankings too.
  6. Register on Alexa Website
  7. Install Alexa rank plugin on your blog or website

How to Register on Alexa Website:

Step1: Go to Alexa website
Step2: Select Sign Up at top
Step 3: Verify your site is uploading the given file to your directory or by just placing the shortcode in the footer or header.
Step 4: Your verification process completed and Alexa can quickly estimate your site metrics. If you want to know the metrics and sources for other websites, then you need to pay for it.

These are the best ways for increasing Alexa rank, or If you want to increase your rank without any effort, then you can make it by purchasing SEO webmaster’s or in Fiverr. If you follow the above steps, then you don’t need any service or Geek. Thanks for reading our Blog post. If you are having any doubt regarding Alexa rank, you can clarify in comment session.

How to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly and Advantages of Alexa Rank {Guide}
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