How to Hack Kahoot! Quiz | Create Kahoot Cheats and PIN’s

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Hello Readers,

Do you really want the number of answers to your questions or are you searching for the best method to hack somebodies question in Kahoot?

If the answer is yes!

Hurray!! you are in right place. Here we will show you how to hack Kahoot in a detailed way. Before getting into the topic. First, let me explain what is Kahoot, Kahoot Features and what are the cheats and Pins for Kahoot.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a large quiz collection website where users publish or promote their quiz program by asking questions. Especially most of the questions were given by the students and teachers because it was so helpful for them to increase their knowledge.

After giving the questions the questions were seen by lots of users on the website or they can set a pin for the question. The user who visits the website will answer the quiz.

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Kahoot Features:

  • We can create unlimited questions in the Kahoot.
  • We can select the answers type as single and more than single multiple choice answers.
  • We can also keep the images and videos in the Kahoot questions.
  • We can also change the question types as Quiz, Polls, Jumbles, and Surveys.
  • We can also set up the time limit for answering the question.
  • If you want to play on mobile then there is Kahoot App for Android and for iOS.

These are the best features available in Kahoot.

How to create a Question in the Kahoot (Quiz, Poll, Surveys)

  1. Go to the website of Kahoot. Click here to go.
  2. Click on the Sign-Up. Skip this step if you already have an account.
    Sign Up Kahoot
  3. Select your option.
  4. Sign up using the email account.
  5. You will observe a poll option on the top right side beside your name. Click that
  6. You will get different options. Select your option.
  7. Fill all the required fields. You can also add videos and images to the question.
  8. Click Ok go.
  9. Click on the Add question button to add.
  10. Type the question and answers in the boxes and tick the correct answer. Click next after completing.
  11. That’s it completed after completing you can view your question by entering the Pin in

If you want more then check out our video.

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Hack Kahoot! Quiz, Poll and Kahoot Cheats

I think this is the most interesting part.

After placing your question the quiz or poll very limited users will answer your quiz questions. So if you want to improve your answers and the size of the users then you have to hack the Kahoot.

There is no coding and no serious thing in this hacking process. You can just do it by visiting Before going through the process let me explain how this can spam your quiz. This website Kahootspam will send bots to your questions and these bots will answer all the answers randomly.

Remember once you have done this you will not get your previous values. This is a completely irreversible process.

How to Hack Kahoot!

  • Go to the Kahoot spam. Click here.
  • Go to the quiz and copy the PIN.
  • Paste the PIN in the box.
  • Enter the nickname in the box.
  • Enter the number of bot counts that you want to send in the bot count box.
  • After filling everything then click the Google verification that I’m not a robot.
  • Click the flood at the end.

If you don’t understand how to spam Kahoot website then you can watch our video below.

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Kahoot Cheats and PIN’s

As most of the users are asking about the Kahoot cheat codes for quiz programs. But there are no cheats to hack Kahoot. There is only one option for spam that was already explained above. So, don’t believe all the trash about the cheat codes for Kahoot and don’t waste your time.

If really there are cheat codes then Kernaltech will place the cheats. So don’t go and research for Kahoot cheat codes.

Kahoot PIN’s: As we discussed above there are no pins for Kahoot for spamming. There is only one PIN and that was given by the to play the game in

If you really want to win the game then you have to play the game or you can spam at If you still won’t satisfied then you can buy a premium plan in

So, If you found Kahoot cheats and Pins on any website then don’t waste your time by browsing.

Thanks for visiting Kernal Tech. If you had any doubts about technology or any topic then feel free to ask us via comment session.


How to Hack Kahoot! Quiz | Create Kahoot Cheats and PIN’s
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