How to create a Micro Niche Blog to generate 5$/day – Step by Step Guide

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Hello Readers, Are you all eagerly waiting for generating 5$/day? Then you should read this complete guide without skipping a single step.

Creating a Micro Niche is easy when compared to the long-term. But selecting the Niche topic plays a crucial role in generating traffic and revenue.

Most of the people selects Micro Niche Blog due to quick revenue and average income for a month. There are less no. of posts and no need to update the content regularly but this is wrong. If you want to hit your competitors then you need to update your site regularly whether it’s your niche, Micro Niche or some blog.

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog:

Selecting Niche Topic:

This is a very important step. If you neglected on selecting good topic then your complete setup will waste.

So take your own time in selecting the topic. The topic should be very effective and it should have less competition.

If you want any techniques related to finding the best topic then you can check it below. If you already have then you can skip this.

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How to find the best Topic or Keyword for Micro Niche Blog:

I think most of the people know this trick but if you don’t then learn this beautiful trick to find the niche topic in flippa.

Find Niche Topic Keyword in Flippa:

  • Go to
  • Login or Sign Up using your details.
  • Select websites in the search and hit enter.
    Selection of keyword
  • After that go to the filters and select the Adsense in the Monetization category. Select Min Monthly Pageviews to 10000 and Max to 50000.
  • Search your best competitor and select your niche topic from the given websites.

There is one more method to select the best keyword topic. Scroll down below to know the technique.

How to Find keywords for Micro Niche:

  • Select big tech blogs from min traffic 2000/day.
  • Check the Alexa rank of the website. It should be below 1.5 Lakhs.
  • Go to and type the selected domain name.
  • In the domain overview section, it will show you all the keywords.
  • You should select the keywords with low competition and high volume and also with good CPC.

By targeting single keyword we can rank that keyword easily by writing multiple posts in the same category.

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Make an Analysis of the keyword and domains.

Analysis for domains

After selecting your keyword you have to make an analysis of selected keywords and the competitors. After analyzing the competitors and keywords you will get an idea about your niche. If everything goes well then move to the next step.

How to Analyze the Keywords and Competitors:

We all know about the SEO tool ahrefs. There are many SEO tools to analyze the keywords and backlinks but ahrefs is damn enough to sort out the best results.

How to Check Competitors using Ahrefs:

  • Go to
  • Paste your keyword into the search box. (It’s recommended to keep the no.1 position URL instead of the keyword).
  • It will give all the related keywords and competitors.
  • It will show all the traffic, backlinks and social shares of each blog post.

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Select your Domain Name:

Domain name

Selection of domain name is a very important thing in the micro-niche blog setup. The domain name itself can add few more keywords to your Niche. So it can help in generation of the traffic.

How to select the Domain Name:

  • Go to the Google Keyword Planner Tool.
  • Type your main keyword.
  • You will get the traffic of your main keyword and along with that, you will also get the list of all the related keywords with their traffic count.
  • So select the beneficial keywords for your niche.
  • Try to include all the related keywords in the domain name.
    (For Example Merry Christmass Wishes, Happy Christmas Wishes →
  • Always prefer .com domains. If the niche is country oriented then go for .in, .au, .it…..

Select your Platform:

This is not so important. It’s up to you select the platform which is handy for you and easy to optimize. Most of the people will go for WordPress but it’s your wish you can select anything.

Blogger is also a good platform for a Micro-niche. I’m generating more than 10$/day in blogger Micro Niche.

Setup your domain with your required platform.

Check out the below Guides for Setting up your domains.

How to Setup a Custom Domain to the blogger

Optimize your Blog:

Blog optimization

Optimize your blog for mobile friendliness because most of the browsers in 2017 are from smartphones.

Optimize your blog for speed loading which helps on showing your blog post on the first page.

According to the new SEO rules, your website should be user-friendly. So, try to keep your blog user-friendly.

Start Writing Content

Start writing content on your new blog. After checking out the Google Keyword Planner you will get the list of related keywords for your niche.

Start writing blog posts for the related posts as well as for the main keywords(Niche).

I think most of the people know how to write the articles. If you don’t know then check out the below guide.

How to write articles effectively: Guide by Neil Patel

You should write minimum 10 articles thoroughly depending on your niche size.

Keep your Internal linking structure perfectly.

Tip: Don’t try to use Spin rewriters for generating your content it may spoil your total niche.

Content Marketing:

Social media content

Without content marketing, there is no use of written content. You should say that you had something special on your website. You have to attract your articles.

So publish your blog posts on all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Promoting your content in the social media will improve social signals to your blog which results in improvement in SEO.



Backlinks are most important for your micro-niche blog. If you want to show on the first page of google then backlinks will play a major role.

Check out the backlinks of your competitors by using tools like ahrefs and open link profiler. is also the best platform to get the fresh backlinks.

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How to check the backlinks of your competitors:

  • Go to ahrefs.
  • Type your competitor URL.(Don’t type the URL of the homepage. Type the URL of the main blog post.)
  • Then it will show the list of backlinks for that post.

Check backlinks using Seo Review Tools:

Build high authority backlinks to your domain with the combination of No follow and Do follow.

Don’t build backlinks more than 10-15/day. Build slowly and gently for long-term revenue. Build more links to your homepage which helps for improving Domain Authority.

Try to avoid comment links if the DA(Domain Authority) is low. Also, write Gust posts for the promotion and links to your blog which helps in quick boosting.

Hire some contextual links from the good authority websites for few days.


Update the posts for every week with new updates. Updation of your blog post will help for SEO.

Most of the blogs will succeed by following the above tactics. If you have done all the above steps perfectly. Then you definitely notice some traffic to your blog.

Depending on your traffic try to build the links and keep on updating your blog posts periodically.

Don’t link your Adsense account by noticing your traffic immediately. Wait for 4-7 days and link it

Linking Adsense to Micro Niche Blog:

After generating an average traffic to your blog you can start showing ads on your niche blog.

Use Links adds mostly in the google ads for high CTR and CPC which results in good income.

You can also use third-party advertisers like Revcontent and Infolinks.

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  1. Update your blog posts regularly.
  2. Build links to your blog regularly.
  3. Always check your Internal links.
  4. Try to run experiments on Adsense for better revenue improvements.

Check your website regularly and update the blog with new posts. Always track the keyword rankings for your blog and try to improve your keyword position for better results.

Thanks for visiting KernalTech. Follow all the above topic to succeed your Micro Niche. It will definately works. If you are facing any problem in this then feel free to comment.

How to create a Micro Niche Blog to generate 5$/day – Step by Step Guide
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