How to Change the BSNL Broadband WiFi Password

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BSNL is the leading broadband provider in India by the Govt. of India. BSNL company was introduced by the Govt. of India and this broadband will work only in India. If you are connected or subscribed with the BSNL broadband plan then you must and should know this topic about how to change BSNL Broadband Wifi Password. By changing the wifi router process you can increase the Internet speed instantly.

How to Change BSNL Wifi Broadband Password

Why You Should Change BSNL Broadband WiFi Password:

  • It saves you by avoiding unknown wireless connections.
  • It saves your modem or wifi router from overheating.
  • It also saves the power which means less electricity bill.
  • It saves your data and gives you faster data for the whole month.

Yes! you heard right. You can save all these by changing the wifi router password. The BSNL Wifi Router comes with the default password and even it can be accessed by many hackers and users surrounding you. By changing the password it was difficult to compromise or connect your wifi router. If you don’t your wifi password of BSNL Broadband then don’t worry we will show you the detailed process on how to Know the Wifi password of BSNL router. BSNL Broadband Password Change.

How to Know the Password of BSNL Broadband WiFi Router:

BSNL Broadband Wifi router comes with the default password. To change the default password you should follow the below process.

  1. Connect your LAN wire of your BSNL Broadband Router to your PC/Laptop.
  2. Open any browser and type in the URL box.
    BSNL Broadband Wifi pass
  3. Then a prompt will appear to authenticate the username and password.
  4. Type admin for the username and admin for the password. (Sometimes it differs so kindly check on the back side of the router.)
  5. Then you will enter the settings of your router.
  6. Go to wireless. In the wireless, you will notify security settings. In the security settings, the WPA Passphrase is your wifi password.
    BSNL Wifi
  7. Now enjoy the wifi by connecting with the above wifi password.

Now you know your wifi password but using the wifi password for the long term is not safe. So you have to change your wifi password monthly for avoiding the uninterrupted connections. Check the below steps to Change your Wifi Password of BSNL Broadband.

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How to Change the Password of BSNL Broadband WiFi Router:

If you want to change BSNL Broadband Wifi Password then you have to follow the below steps.

  • Connect your LAN wire of your router to PC. Avoid If you’re already connected(by wire or wireless).
  • Go to in your browser.
  • Fill up the prompt with username and password.
  • username= admin and password= admin.
  • Go to Wireless in the settings.
  • In the Wireless go to security settings.
    BSNL Broadband WiFi
  • In the security change the WPA Passphrase for changing wifi password.
  • You can also change your wifi name by changing the Network SSID.
  • Click on the Save button to complete the changes.

Watch the video for better understanding:

Connect BSNL Wifi to only specific device by MAC Address

You can allow your wifi modem to connect only to specific device or laptop by filtering your device mac address on your Wifi Router. Follow the below steps to enable the connection to an only specific device.

  • Go to settings dashboard by
  • Complete the authentication by username and password.
  • After that find your device Mac address. Below there is detailed information on how to find mac address of any device.
  • Go to Wireless settings>>Mac address filter.
  • Allow Mac restrict mode and click Add.
  • Enter Mac Address of your specific device which you want to connect.

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How to Know the Mac Address of your device.

There are many ways to find the mac address of your PC/Laptop/Mobile. Here I’m giving you the shortest way of finding the Mac Address of your device.

Method 1:

  • First, connect your device to wifi to know Mac address.
  • Go to Wifi Router Dashboard by
  • Complete the authentication.
  • Go to Wireless settings.
  • In the wireless settings, you will find the connected devices.
  • In the list of connected devices, you will notice the Mac Address.

Method 2:

  • Open your PC and Press Windows + R to open the run.
  • Type cmd in the run.
  • In the Command Prompt (cmd) type ipconfig/all
    Change bsnl password
  • You will notice the 12 digits physical address which is separated by “-“. Replace “-” with “:” for Mac Address.

How to Change the Wifi Password of any Wireless router:

The changing procedure of any wifi router is same as shown on above but the IP address to access the router will change according to the company of the router. We are placing the various IP Address for different wifi routers check out those for changing your wifi password. For Authentication, you need to check your username and password at the back side of the router.

D-Link –

Netgear –

TP-Link –

Linksys –

Asus  –

iBall Baton –

These are the commonly used wifi routers used in all placed. If you have any different routers then check the back side of the wifi router for information.

Further help for BSNL Broadband Customers:

You can contact the customer support for further support by dialing the below numbers.

For Broadband 1504.

For Mobile 1503.

Landline 198

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Final Words:

Always change your wifi password for at least one month to avoid the interrupted connections. If you are using the D-link Wireless Router then change the password protection to WPA-PSK2 otherwise your router can be accessed by the hackers easily. Thanks for reading our guide on how to change the password of BSNL Broadband Wifi Router. If you have any doubts on how to change BSNL Broadband Wifi Password feel free to ask us via comment session. Don’t forget to check out more new and related posts from Kernal Tech.

How to Change the BSNL Broadband WiFi Password
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