7 Best 3-D Printing Apps for Android {Top}

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3-D printing, as we understand, is a process of manufacturing objects from a digital image. It is also known as Additive Manufacturing as the object is created by adding successive layers of the material on top of each other.These layers can be viewed as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the object at hand.

3-D printing differs from subtractive manufacturing, which is hollowing out the object from a piece of metal or plastic.

Additive manufacturing is better suited as it enables us to produce complex shapes and uses less material than Subtractive manufacturing.

In the last few months, developers have managed to release many Android 3-D printing apps for their printers.

Let’s take a look at a few 3-D printing apps that support modern 3-D printers released after 2016.

3d printing

Best 3-D Apps for Android:

So what are you waiting for? Download the best 3-D Apps from the play store.


blokify 3d app

This app is designed to enable kids to manufacture toys and play with them Virtually or physically after 3-D printing them. This app can be thought of as a Minecraft based app as it provides us with building blocks. You can make use of some existing designs and modify them according to your desire or you can choose to start from scratch. This app lets you export your design in a format that is supported by most of the popular 3-D printers out there, or use the Blokify’s service to print them and it even lets you share your design online. This app is currently paid due to a number of features it offers.

123D Design

123d design app

This particular 3-D modeling app is designed by the company Autodesk and it lets you choose from a number of existing designs from their community or make your own design and then test them via the simulation feature available within the application. Kindly do note that this is only a software application. So you don’t need any kind of 3d pen filament refills or ink after some time. The actual 3d printing thing will be done on a physical 3d printer. The app itself is free but if you want to use more features and design example kits, you will have to download other apps offered by Autodesk like 123D Catch.




This app is brought to you by the American 3-D printing company called MakerBot for their own manufactured 3-D printers. This app lets you control the complete printing process from your android device and also enables Cloud printing, if your printer supports, to let your print on the go. The app also lets you access to the world’s largest 3-D printing community called Thingiverse which offers more than 1.7 Million 3-D designs. You can download the 3D designs and print them directly or modify them if you choose to.


Octodroid 3d

Anyone making the use of Octoprint service can use this app as a companion to control your Printing process. You can connect to your WiFi-enabled 3-D printer and use it to print and monitor the process from a remote location. You can heat your printer before pushing the print and you can check the Print logs for errors, if any, on the go. The app also includes the G-code addition functionality.

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This app lets you control your 3-D printer via your Android device and connect them using an OTG cable. This app provides control buttons to operate your printer (XYZ movement, Heat, extruder etc.) and supports full printing. You can even load your own GCodes from your Android device, SD card, Dropbox or even Google Drive and Print your designs without the need of a Computer. This app also supports wireless printing via Bluetooth and provides Layer by layer visualization and Print simulation. You can also modify Print speeds during the print and the app also shows you details like Estimated Print time, Filament usage and Cost. This app is not free and costs $4.13.

Tinker play

Tinker Play 3D App

This app is designed to allow kids to design their own toys and print them using the 3-D printer in an easy and hassle-free manner. The app provides the kids with an option to use various existing designs like the human body, animals, and few other random objects to create a 3-D design. The designs are then provided to you in a ready to print file through a local ISP in a zip file. You can unarchive the file on your phone and start printing. This application is available for free on Android.

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123D Catch (Free)

123d catch autodesk

This app is also Developed by Autodesk and lets you capture a 3-D image using your smartphone camera by stitching together a series of images you take around an object. This app acts like a reverse photosphere and you can capture a 3-D image of the required object by moving around it. The end result can be shared with other app users and can also be extracted and converted into a format that your 3-D printing software can handle. This app is available for free for Android.

So, Get your favorite 3D app for your Android phone and start making 3D objects.

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7 Best 3-D Printing Apps for Android {Top}
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