Guide to Get Unlimited High Authority Backlinks for Free including edu & gov – 100% Working

Hello, everyone in this post I want to say some important stuff about backlinks. We all know that backlinks are the major source for off page SEO and also in SEO. By using the backlinks you can beat your competitors within less time. So in this article, I’m explaining some premium tricks to get unlimited backlinks. Many bloggers are following the backlink generator tools and websites for increasing search results but instead of increasing their position in google they will destroy the present positions. So don’t follow the free backlink generators and SEO software to get backlinks. We can grab backlinks from the following sites.

Getting backlinks SEO from ahrefs site

We all know that AHREFS is the biggest site which will give you the backlinks and also keywords. Follow the below step to get backlinks.
  • Go to ahrefs website click here.
  • Then it will ask you to sign up for some plans.

Note: You have to get premium account to get all the data.

  • Go to fake mail generator website and create one fake mail for yourself.
  • Sign up with the fake mail in ahrefs for trail version in your favourite plan
  • It will ask you to fill all the credit card details and it will also show you the PayPal option.
  • Create one fake PayPal I’d and fill the PayPal details and make payment for 0.00$.
  • That’s it done now you can check unlimited backlinks and all other related stuff for 1-2 weeks.
  • After completing 15 days go and create a new one.

Check the below video for Ahrefs premium account

How to find Backlinks from SEMrush

SEM rush is the leading website which will give you all the information of your website and your competitive websites like keywords, backlinks, and traffic cost etc. For to get all the information you should have a premium account. Follow the below steps for SEMrush premium account.

  • Go to semrush website from here.
  • Search for the website then it will you the stats but it will show only a few of them to get the complete list then you have to activate the premium one.
Follow the below steps to activate semrush premium.
  • Go to semrush search tool and search for different websites.
  • Search for 10 to 15 websites it may be any website.
  • After completing the searches then it will ask to fill the form.
  • Fill the form and sign up.
  • That’s it you done with the trail version of the Semrush for 1 week.

How to get Quality Backlinks from Openlink Profiler:

Openlink profiler is the best tool to find backlinks. It will give you all the backlinks with the link juice flow score. The open link profiler tool is free to use but it will give only a few searches. Don’t worry for that after that it will ask to sign up after signing in it will take you to SEO profiler. There you can access unlimited websites without paying anything.
Tip: Use Filters for better efficiency. Go to link type and select Dofollow links and after selecting dofollow go to link efficient score and keep minimum 30%. Link effiecient score is nothing but link juice flowing through sites, higher the link juice index fastly and gives best results.

How to get Backlinks from Alexa:

We all know that Alexa is the leading website which was ruled under the amazon. Alexa will give the ranks of all the websites depending on their traffic and background score. Alexa website will also show you the number of backlinks but to get that in detail you have to activate premium. It will also help you to increase your Alexa rank by backlinks. Follow the below steps to get the premium account for 1 week.
  • Go to Alexa website click here.
  • Sign up with the basic information from fake mail for a free account.
  • After signing in go to upgrade for trail
  • Fill the details of your fake address.
  • Use this credit card number for the free payment.

Card no. 5415915082794576

CVV: 938
Exp: 06/18

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Getting backlinks from all the above sites are working 100% but keeping backlinks manually is completely black hat and the search engine can easily identify the manual backlinks. Don’t try the free backlink generator tool to get high results. If you don’t have time then go to Fiverr and SEO profiler but don’t spoil your site with waste backlink generator websites. The above-mentioned credit card number is working fantastic but this card will only work for trail and 0$ payments. Thanks for visiting, If you have any doubts then feel free to ask in comment session.

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