Does Facetime use data? | How much Data Does a Facetime Call Use

Hello, Guys. Everyone had doubt that does their Facetime use data or not before going to that topic first we have to know about facetime. What is facetime? Apple created Facetime, and this App or Software will run only on Apple devices. Facetime is for communication purpose(face to face) by using the front camera. By comparing some other apps like Skype, Facetime is the best, and it occupies fewer data and space when compared to Skype.

Does Facetime Use Data?

Coming to the above question does facetime use data? Yes, Facetime uses data without data it is impossible to transfer data from one phone to another phone. So it should need some data or wifi to transfer the video or audio.

AFacetime is the only available app for Apple users due to security. Most of the people use Skype instead of facetime because it was not available on Android and other operating systems. The facetime is available for Apple devices, and it is easy to sign in by using Apple user id and it is entirely free

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How to check data usage on your iPhone/iPad:

Follow the below steps to check the data usage on your iPhone/iPad

Step1: Launch the Facetime App.
Step2: Call any one of your friend or known person.
Step3: Go to recent on your facetime app
Step4: Click on the info button which will be there on the right side in the recent tab.
Step5: There you will get the detailed information.

How to check overall data usage on your iPhone/iPad

For this process, you have to turn ON your cellular data.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Cellular Data
  3. Below you will observe the overall data usage by the Apps. By this, you will get the overall data usage of the apps not only for the Facetime but also for all other apps.

Advantages of Facetime over Skype

  • The Facetime is very lite to use.
  • You can make calls (or) Video calls to any device using the front camera.
  • Facetime uses fewer data when compared to any software, especially Skype.
  • Facetime is the default app given by Apple.

Disadvantages of Facetime

  • It was available only for Apple products. That’s why most of the people are switching to Skype.
  • You will experience low quality when the internet speed is slow (not too much).


You don’t need to download the facetime app on your iPhone/iPad. You have to sign in the app by using your apple id, and you can contact directly by using cellular data or wifi. For the better experience, you need 3 to 4 MBPS connection for wifi and minimum 3G for cellular data. If your apple user then utilizes the app correctly don’t switch to third party software like skype. Thanks for visiting our site if you have any doubts feel free to ask in comment session.

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