How We Increased Our Rankings due to 301 Redirection

Hello Everyone today I’m discussing my experience about 301 redirection and its benefits. We all know that 301 redirections are used to redirect from one website to another website. While redirecting from one site to another website the link juice also starts floating along with the website so this will give you good signal to search engines then your rankings will automatically increase.
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Firstly I’ve purchased an expired domain from a third party person and started my own blog. I registered my blog on Google webmaster tools and I started writing good quality content. After one month I used to check my rankings but no article was indexed and the worst thing is that my homepage was indexed on 54th position. I’ve observed on Google webmaster tools that my blog was under penalty for low-quality content but my content was very rich. Then I Recognized that he sold an expired domain for me. So don’t purchase any expired domains is all waste of time, money, hard work.

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After that, I left that domain and I kept the new site with the same content and 301 redirected my expired domain to that site. I’ve waited for the link juice to pass from my old site to new site after 15 days my site was worked very I can’t even imagine that much amount of traffic and all of my keyword positions are below 20 in Google search. I started writing some more articles to run that blog. But after few days 2 months approximately along with Good my negative (Penalty) also came with that my new site also penalized due to the old site 301 redirection. So once check all the aspects before doing 301 redirections.

If your domain doesn’t have any penalties in Google webmaster tools then you can go ahead and keep 301 redirections Nobody can stop your rankings and traffic but if you having any penalties there is no use of doing redirection.

My Niche Blog was under penalty before the niche/event What to do?

Solution: The best solution for this is just do 301 redirections because it can recover all the link juice to your niche very quickly. You can’t recover your site fast by disavowing links because your ranking will not recover by doing this and it will take lots of time. So the best solution for this is to recover by doing 301 redirections to the new site. Suppose you’re doing the niche about the happy new year and there are only 2 weeks of time at that time your site was penalized. At that time, only 301 redirection helps you because you’re having only 2 weeks of time and you can get back to your rankings for maximum 8-10 days and Google will take minimum 15-20 days to identify your penalty after completing the niche no matter about penalty because you don’t need that site. You are generating money from scrap so don’t aim for high from scrap take how much you got from that.

Don’t do any link building after doing 301 redirection to your niche blog. If you do any link building means that your’e giving hint to google

Things to remember while doing 301 redirection

  • Stay calm and sit patiently.
  • Don’t do any backlinks after doing 301 redirections.
  • Don’t keep over expectation about your revenue.

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