How to Remove Footer links for Blogger Templates without Redirection

Hello Everyone, There are many companies or sites which will sell their template when you will purchase their template then your premium customer they won’t give any links on footer and there is another option for every template download free. If you download the free template then they will give you Footer links which was helpful for their promotion and they will get dofollow backlink from our site. If you try to change the Footer then your’e website will redirected to their homepage. Actually it was better to purchase templates to avoid Footer credit links because we can’t remove the link in the footer permanently. The only thing we can do is hiding the credit link without appearing on our site. For new members it was difficult to purchase new templates so it was very useful for them. In this post I will show you how to remove footer links in blogger.

Why our website was redirecting by changing footer link?

All the Third party free templates was automated with JavaScript code. When you try to change the footer link the javaScript code was activated and it was automatically redirected to particular website link.

How to Remove Footer Link in Blogger?

We all know that Footer link was appeared on Free templates by JavaScript code it doesn’t mean that I will teach JavaScript method to remove or break the code in footer. Removing or breaking the JavaScript code was very big process and it was not possible to break by bloggers it needs Java experts. By using this method you can easily remove footer link.

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Steps to Remove Footer Link

Step1: Go to

Step2: Go to Template

Step3: Click Edit HTML

Step4: Find the related word by pressing ctrl+f. Suppose you want remove the footer link but your’e afraid of finding the footer in large html then it was easy to find word.

Step4: Search for the link and keyword

style=”visibility: hidden”

Step5: Place the code by observing the image.

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Removing your footer link was very easy by using this method but before using try to purchase the template or else use free templates which was available in blogger. The templates which we manipulating now are built with high hard hard work so don’t try to get their efforts and hark with free of cost.

Thank you for reading our post if you having any doubts or enquiries then you can ask us on comment session.


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