Tips to Change Facebook Login Screen Page Very Attractive

Hello Guys, Today I will share you some best tips and techniques to change your Facebook Login Page Attractive and some unknown Security tips to all. Have you observed the different login page of FB from your friend’s computer or seen the different login page. The reason behind the difference is location. We all know that facebook was the leading and popular Social Networking site in the world. Current login and homepage screen of Facebook is quite unique from other social networking websites with a blue theme and easy sign-up. But some can change your Facebook Login screen to see your data.

Facebook Official Login or Welcome Page

Facebook Official Website and login page are placed below

Fb Official Website:

Facebook support page or Official Fan page:

How to avoid Duplicate Login Pages or Phishing Pages

Have you observed the Facebook Login page on another website same as Facebook? This is known as Phishing. Phishing is nothing but keeping or copying the same design or structure from the another design for illegal use to save the data and passwords. If somebody goes to duplicate facebook login page and tries to log in but they will fail to login. This can be used by hackers and they will save all your data and they will apply on facebook. By this, they can trap you.

Steps to Save from Phishing Pages and Duplicate Facebook Login Page

  1. Check the link regularly whether it is correct or not.
  2. Change your password occasionally.
  3. Activate High security on your facebook.
  4. Use Facebook mobile App (Highly recommended).

How to Change your Facebook Login Page Attractively

You can change your login page nicely and attractively but this can be applied only on Google Chrome. Follow the below steps to Change Facebook login Page.

  • Go to Google Chrome Store on Google Chrome.
  • Search for FB Refresh Extension. If you did not find Click here.
  • Install the Extension.
  • You will found the Extension on right side.
  • Click on the Extension and go to Options.
  • You can select your themes from the given themes.

If you want to remove the theme go to Extensions and remove the Extension from Chrome 🙂

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Best Solution for “I Can’t Login To My Facebook Page”

Sometimes you can’t login to your facebook account. There are many factors check them below

  • Your Administrator can block the Facebook Address
  • There are some issues with your IP
  • Your Desktop Cookies are not allowed and many more

Steps to make it Possible

  • Clear all your cache
  • Enable Cookies
  • Clear total History
  • Change your Browser

If at all your problem doesn’t solved then use HidemyAss proxy or some another proxies. Else Contact your customer care person.

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