How We Lost Our Rankings for Event Blog due to Link Building

Hello Guys! Today I’m sharing my experience on event based Niche Blogging for over link Building. Link Building is essential for everyone to increase their rankings in Google but if you do over then you will definitely catch by Google. If we try to act smart on Search Rankings then Google is the Grand Father of all the websites so we have to take care while doing Link Building.

What we Did to Increase Rankings

We kept our blog on WordPress for SEO and other customizations. The Blog is about Happy Dussehra and we filled all the site with Dussehra stuff and designed well with the good quality content. The site was OK to perform link building then we started building links. Slowly out rankings are increased and it was showing on the second page of Google search engine but due to the heavy competition, we did more backlinks for the first page of Google because 90% of organic traffic will go to the first page of Google.
Our rankings are increased and reached to the first page of Google due to link building. We got lots of traffic approximately 1000-2000 page views per day.

How we lost our Rankings

After getting to the first page of Google we left the site for some days and waiting for the event. Slowly we are losing our rankings and gone to the second page of Google we did more link building to increase rankings. After the link building we lost all our rankings and our site was totally disappeared and it was completely de-indexed.

How many Backlinks we kept for increasing rankings

We kept 3 site wide links from High Authority and daily 30 blog commenting that improved my search rankings but You have  to keep only 1 Site wide link from Good Authority site and 10-15 backlinks per day that will give you good results but the difference is time the above will take 2-3 days and this will take 10-15 days to index on search engine.

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How to Check Your Blog is on Penalty or Not

  1. Go to Webmaster tools and login
  2. After signing. You will be there on your dashboard.
  3. Select the Website
  4. Go to Search Traffic
  5. Below the Search Traffic you will be finding Manual actions

In the manual actions section, you can check your site whether it undergoes any penalty or Not. If it shows that No Webspam was found then your blog was safe.

Here you can find the image of the Site which undergoes to penalty.

Things to be remembered while doing Link Building

  • Don’t the Link Building on the same website.
  • Don’t repeat the anchor text that will increase the chances for a penalty.
  • Don’t do the link building with low-quality blogs.
  • Don’t do the link building with pornography sites.
  • Use different anchor texts for best results.
  • <a href=”link”>Anchor Text</a>

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Thanks for visiting our website if you have any doubts and want to learn about Niche or Event based Building then comment below.

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