What is Blogging and How to earn Money from Blogging

Hello, This is my First post in this blog Blogspot into. Here we will describe all the best tips and tricks for Blogging. In this post, I will explain you about What is Blogging, The best ways to Earn money from Blogging, Classification of Blogging.

What is Blogging

Blogging is nothing but maintaining a blog with a particular topic or Niche for the long run and Updating your Information regularly with new things. The Topic may be anything like Cars, Technology, Education, Fun, Job Updates, etc. According to my opinion we doesn’t have to select the topics that most people select or search because Internet Usage is improved a lot from past few years. So we have to select the Topics that what we are best at that may be Travelling or Festival anything. Every Topic was having its own value.

Classification of Blogging

After Blogging Commercialized The Blogging was divided into many categories.

    • Long Term Blogging


    • Niche Blogging or Event Blogging


    • Affiliate Blogging and many more


Long Term Blogging

Long Term Blogging is the actual and Original Blogging. Long Term Blogging was done by selecting a Topic and setting a new Domain related to the topic. After setting a new Domain we have to write the content about the Topic and updating them regularly. But the main drawback of this long term Blogging is Time that’s why it was named as Long Term Blogging. It will takes lots of time to index and to grab Traffic and money.

Niche Blogging or Event Blogging

Niche Blogging was done by selecting a Event before one week of the event and we have to write the Best High Quality Content on that Topic and some Black Hat methods are done to index fast. The main advantage of Niche or Event Blogging is Quick Money.

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Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate Blogging is nothing but Promoting the products online and earning the commission for the sold Products

Steps to do Affiliate Blogging


    1. Select The Product


    1. Keep the website based on the category


    1. Promote the Product by explaining its Advantages


    1. Sell the Product


    1. Enjoy the Commission


How to Earn Money from Blogging

I’ve already explained you about to select the Topic or Niche for the Blog. After setting all the things the final thing is to write high quality Content because Content is the King of the Website. We have to do Keyword research before writing content. Use Google Keyword Planner tool for better Keyword research. Select the Keywords which will having high Pay per click.

Ways to Earn Money for a Blog or Website


    • Google Adsence


    • Direct Advertisements


    • Sponsored Posts

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